About Us

Agency Description

PIBLY Residential Programs, Inc. is a Bronx-based, not-for-profit, voluntary organization certified by the New York State Office of Mental Health.  It operates residential programs which provide rehabilitative and support services to adults suffering from mental illness.

In existence since 1964, PIBLY has worked closely with referring agencies and professionals throughout New York City to establish and link services to the men and women in its community-based transitional residences and independent supported housing programs.

Since its inception, PIBLY has recognized that people who suffer from mental illness share the same needs, goals and aspirations as the general population.  PIBLY is dedicated to maximazing the potential of its clients and endeavors to meet the changing needs of its client population.

Our Mission

PIBLY's mission embraces the belief that the needs of its consumers can be met and their goals can be achieved.  By promoting the philosophy of consumer empowerment and through a collaborative and coordinated service delivery approach, our consumers can achieve the highest possible level of functioning in society within the most independent setting possible.

Main Office
2415 Westchester Avenue
Bronx, New York 10461
Tel: 718-863-4100
Fax: 718-863-5165

Martin K. Lalli, MSW, Executive Director
Madelin E. Weiss, LMSW, Associate Executive Director