Program Contacts

PIBLY Residential Programs, Inc. is a voluntary agency thereby requiring that applicants choose to be placed withing the agency.  It is preferred that consumers participate in some daily activity such as a day program, vocational training, competitive employment, volunteer postition or school.

To be considered for admission, the referring psychiatric professional must make all the arrangement for therapy, medication follow-up, financial support and a community activity.  To make a referral, the following information must be submitted:  HRA-2010e, approval letter from HRA, current psychosocial and current mental status.  No specific referral form is used.


Referrals can be made to the specific residential program by calling or clicking on the name and e-mailing the appropriate Intake Coordinator of the program identified to the right. 
An initial interview will be scheduled to determine if the client is appropriate for the program and its residential components. The referring professional and the client will be notified of the outcome of this interview. If accepted, the client may be placed on a waiting list.
Intake Coordinators

CTP/ATP (Community Residence)
718-863-4100 x615

S.H.O.P. (Graduate Supported Housing)
H.C.B.S. (Home and Community Based Service)
718-430-1313 x683
Direct: 718-430-0121

Adult Home
718-430-1313 x101


ACCESS Houses (Supportive SRO)
718-299-0744 x301

ROSEBUD House (Community Residence)
718-292-3514 x801